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 Anti-Scamming Guide

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PostSubject: Anti-Scamming Guide   Anti-Scamming Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 7:32 am

In MMORPG games, there are many people who try to get ahead by dishonest means, cheating and stealing from other players. This article aims to arm you with enough knowledge to avoid the well known scams. Be aware of them!


Do not ever trust anyone with high value items! (Eg: astral boards/bikes, EoG/F/S +7/6), most of times people become your friends and when they think that you trust them, they will ask for such items like the ones mentioned in the example. We recommend that you trust only in your family members or people that you know personally, because in such games as Cabal, people aren't always what they look like.
Items level scams


Always make sure when trading items with levels (Eg: Flame Discs lvl3), make sure you check the item level due to the huge amount of people that buy discs lvl 1 because the seller said that they were level 3/2...
Don't wait for an item


Some players will promise you they will give you the item after a few minutes, since they have to switch account or something. Do not believe them. Only give them your money when they can give you the items right away, or else they can wait for their money also. As soon as you give someone the money first before you get your items you run a very high risk of being scammed.

Resource: Cabal Wiki

This is a very common form of scamming. Some players in the game will tell you to visit a site because it will give you free items like forcium stuff and other high level items or alz. "THERE NO SHORTCUTS IN GAME".

Anti-Scamming Guide Newsiggycopy
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Anti-Scamming Guide
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