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The force archer is your long range, mostly single target, sharpshooter class. Force archers equip dual crystals, each one half of their bow and the battle set for balanced defense and avoid. Force archers mostly have single target skills. I almost want to call them long range warriors since they do have AoE skills, just not many of them. Force archers have been deemed the best PvPers due to their range, stun, and powerful single strike attacks. Dash also makes them hard to catch for short range classes.

+ Powerful damage even though they are long range
+ Most likely to win a PvP with the least amount of player skill needed

- May struggle with large mobs as they don't have much AoE and aren't tanks like warriors

Though it is true that force archers are easiest to PvP with, being a force archer doesn't automatically guarantee you 100% success in a PvP.

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Heavy Blader | Level 16x | Class Rank 15 | Honor Rank 8 | Capella Nation
Force Archer | Level 14x | Class Rank 11 | Honor Rank 4 | Capella Nation
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