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 War Map and Teams During PW and NW

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War Map and Teams During PW and NW Empty
PostSubject: War Map and Teams During PW and NW   War Map and Teams During PW and NW I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2008 7:19 am

War Map and Teams During PW and NW NWMap

CM = Capella Main Base
PM = Procyon Main Base
N = North Bases
S = South Bases
E = East Bases
W= West Bases
Center = center base

All members are required to memorize the names in the war map. Strategies will no longer be posted here. only Generals, 2IC, and Captains will know the plan. members will know the plan only when it is already PW or NW.


Commanding Officer: DemonSoul
2IC: FaintSmile
Captain: Crissaegrim
* List of soldiers COMING SOON *

Team2: Bravo Mad Dogs
Commanding Officer: aewarlock
Captain: Ronym
- Xiah
- Warblade
- Czylie
- Skyfader

*whenever i or ronym is not around Xiah will take command of the team. yah all know what to do nah...ayt?... Laughing

Commanding Officer: Handflicker
* List of Members COMING SOON *

--- I hope the teams above would be permanent. the more we gain experience with our team.. the more we can execute or jobs better.

War Map and Teams During PW and NW Newsiggycopy
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War Map and Teams During PW and NW
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