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 Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read)

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Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read) Empty
PostSubject: Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read)   Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 7:24 am


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Guild Rules

1. Be always loyal to the guild.
2. Respect others as you respect yourselves.
3. Always protect your Honor.
4. No Begging for alz, weapons, armors, access or anything.
5. Do not pvp with low level players.
6. Do not PK players if your not in war map.
7. No Cheating or Scamming.
8. Always follow orders from high ranking officials
9. No spamming. specially in forums and guild chat.

Any Violation of the rules above will result to expulsion from the guild.

Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read) Newsiggycopy
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Extension Guild Rule of Conduct (Please Read)
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