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 Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)

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Rio Teresa
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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)   Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:29 pm

Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)
by TorchedBread, aka NoTimeForSauce, aka BluntForceTrauma (all credits are due to him.. he beat me kasi sa pagpost.)

I figured I'd start a "guide" for some of the frequently asked questions.

Covered topics so far: Technical problems, accounts, disc drops, cart drops, capes, bikes, formula cards, World Entry (dungeons), abbreviations, crafting.
Feel free to correct me if any of the information is wrong. Please excuse my form of "humour" Razz

Is it alright to have 2/3 accounts on the same IP?

Yes. If you are family or relatives. (Answered by Lord)

Disc _______ level 2 is not dropping.... Whyhyyhyhyyyy???!!?!?!11!?

Because they don't like you. Just kidding Razz As Daybreak has stated several times, when you up the drop % on one thing, something else has to lower. But they are working on it.

For now I'll give you hints of where to hunt, hopefully this will help in your quest to craft supR l33tz itemz.
Holy + Thunder + Air (lvl 2) Try hunting Mechzards or auto cannon-ex (or even mechmanders) in Fort Ruina.
Earth disc (lvl 2) (really? omg yes really!!) Lake in Dusk, those little venom frogs... be warned the drop rate is very low. But the elusive earth disc level 2 has been seen frolicking here, leaping in joy as you free it from the evil venom frogs.

Dark, Flame - eh, basically anything in PL, dark bladers, phantoms, stone golems. Mobs in FR as well.

Level 3 - Undead Grounds
Level 4 - Lakeside (and probably areas high level like that).

Where can I finnddd shape cartridges???

Level 2, farm Stone Gargoyles or Stone Golems in PL. Happy farming
Level 3, Undead Grounds... I don't know of any specific mobs.
Level 4, (unconfirmed) Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum. B2F, Forgotten Temple.

Cape where can I get cape, what drop bike card plzzzzz.

First off they are rare drops. I got my EOG+6 after opening 58 chaos lamps. I've opened hundreds more since then and haven't gotten another . These are all "unconfirmed" because I personally have not gotten any to drop there, but then again they are rares.

EOX+3: (eox, x standing for any kind of epaulet) Wriggleleaf, Lug Queen, Moscutter Queen (EOS+3), Auto Cannon-OP
EOF+4: Stone Gargoyle.
EOX+4: Dark Blader
EOX+5: Electric Bird, Mechzard, Lihorn Zombie, Mobs in LiD (Lake in Dusk)
Shadow EOX+5: LiD Boss Mobs.
EOF+5/+6: Hexscyther
EOX+6: Death Giant, Death Soldier, Wraith, Spector, Chaos Lamps.
EOF+6: Mobs in Ruina Station
EOG+6: Giant Scorpian, Lihorna
EOS+6: Fire Beetle, Stone Beetle, Warax/Crush/Warhammer Zombies (EOD)
EOS+7: Branny

Bike Cards/Boards:
Chaos Lamps
Boards: Auto Cannon OP, EOD Bosses, Stone Golems, Auto Cannon EX
Bikes: Chests in Fort Ruina, from the last chest in EOD B1F, (rumored) bosses of FGR and higher.

Formula Cards: (I'm just including the eop+x ones, you can google for the others)
001-005, 011 etc, can be bought (with the proper honour rank) in PL or FR.
015 and 030 can be bought in FR as well but you need a fairly high honour rank. Stone Golems, Stone Gargoyles for 015/030
(A lot of mobs in PL and FR are rumoured to drop these), Lihorn Zombie dropped 030 for me.
050: Lihorn zombies, berserker ghoul, death soldier
075: Death Giant/Soldier, Wraith, Stone Beetle (got from Death Soldier)
095: (unconfirmed): Blade Peryton, Mobs in RS
110: Mobs in Ruina Station

World Entry:

If you can't get into a certain place, please make sure you have that entry item in your inventory. (For Forgotten Temple you must be class rank 11.)

DT Cards: Crag Turtle, Frog, Crab in PL (Ghost Ship), Phantoms in PL drop pretty much every DT card, (Chimera, Troglo, Zombie Cottage, etc). Bitterleaf in GD drop the Mummy Grave one. Auto Cannon-OP also drop DT card (Parasite House, Mummy Grave lvl 70, Ruins of Ancient City I believe). I almost forgot Skeleton Mine, Babayaga in BI, and Lighthouse Maze, Bugdolphy.
EOD B1F: All of the Mobs in Undead Ground drop the EOD. (Can get it from Chaos Lamps also.)
EOD B2F: (white and blue in colour IIRC): Chaos Lamp, Mobs in EOD B1F, I believe you can buy it also from the grocer in FR for 5mil.
Muster Card: Ruina Station: FR Mechzard, Auto-Cannon-ex, Excavator Alfa, UG All Mobs
Map Part (Lake in Dusk): Most of the mobs in FR drop this I believe. Mechzards and Auto Cannon-EX, mechmanders (personally) also from Lihorn Zombies in UG. (from Chaos Lamps also).
Seal of Darkness: Port Lux all mobs, and Lake Side, Blood Orc, Dark Gnoll.
Muster Card Forgotten Temple B1F: Mobs in FGR, MF, LakeSide

Entry Points: if any of my info is wrong, check the cards most tell you where to go, except possibly the rings.

MF (mutant forest): You need a ring from the grocer in Green Despair. Now teleport to the Wriggle Leafs, run past the moscutter queens all the way to the port at the end. This is also the Lake in Dusk entry point.
PF (pontus ferrum): You need a ring from the grocer in Fort Ruina. Run past the Mechmanders there is a port there, this will take you to Pontus Ferrum.
EOD: UG run past all the mobs, Lihorn Zombies, those crazy Ghost Bladers that like to spin cause they're cool, past zombie fighters into a ditch, up past the things with the oversized hammers, past the ghouls (and occassionally a vampire), the death soldiers, death giants, down to the wraiths and spectors, around the weird ice sculpture until you find the port. This is also the entry for B2F I believe.
Ruina Station: in Fort Ruina near past the Hounds in the corner near the mechape and archers.
Forgotten Temple (muster card): In FGR, past all the mobs near the temple at the end. run run run aahhh!
SOD: PL past the dark bladers.


BI (Bloody Ice), DS (Desert Scream), GD (Green Despair), PL (Port Lux), FR (Fort Ruina), UG (Undead Ground), FGR (Forgotten Ruins), LS (Lake Side), MF (Mutant Forest), PF (Pontus Ferrum), RS (Ruina Station), LiD (Lake in Dusk), SOD (seal of darkness), EOD (Epaulet of Dead) EOS/EOG/EOF/EOP (Epaulet of sage/guard/fighter/proof).

FA (Force Archer), FB (Force Blader), FS (Force Shielder), WA (Warrior, sometimes WR), WI (Wizard), BL (Blader).

B>, WTB> (Buying, Want to Buy), S>, WTS (Selling, Want to Sell).


How to get your transmuter (Sword, Battleset, Martial, Armor, Artifact): Complete your first beginner quests, until you can start doing your Battle Style Level Up quests. Complete the level 50 rank up, then go to the core alchemist in Port Lux. He'll have a quest for you (something about a transmuter or something). Basically the quest is you go and talk to the core alchemist in every starter town.

Now you can pick: Armor (For making armor set (WR and FS). Battleset (FA and FB armor). Martial (WI and BL (i think) ), Sword (For sword weapons). Artifact (for rings, amulets, crystals and orbs).

How to craft: Press C, click either Prof Craft or Basic Craft, you need the required materials to craft an item, and also to be that rank in crafting. Basic Craft requires Formula Cards, which you "use" to get the recipe for crafting.

How to Rank up your crafting: Once your craft level is at 100% you must make an item of proof, once you have successfully crafted you go to the core alchemist in Port Lux and he'll have a quest for you, talk to him and he'll give you a certificate to upgrade your craft level. Note: You make make an item of proof for each thing in prof craft. EG. You must make an item of proof for each separate piece, boots, gloves, suit and helm.
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PostSubject: Re: Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)   Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:30 pm

cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)   Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:24 pm

Nice work Rio! ..... cheers cheers cheers


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PostSubject: Re: Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)   

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Frequently Asked Questions /mini drop guide/basic Cabal guide (Elite Cabal)
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